We Hear You: Behind the Scenes at RHA's New Campaign

Starting this week, you might see new adverts from RHA if you’re online, on the London Underground or in Glasgow. RHA Brand Manager Colum Fraser explains what it’s all about:


What do you listen to at work? Is it different from what you listen to when you travel? When you work out? What about when you’re trying to chill at the weekend?

Obviously at RHA we enjoy audio, but when we asked around in the concept stage of this campaign we found something else. All of us use audi;, to motivate us, to change or reinforce how we feel, or even just to shut out the world around us; whether it’s the clackety-clack of keyboards in the RHA office, or the daily symphony of coughs, sneezes and yawns during a commute - your neighbours or pets in the evening, or the cars outside as we drift off to sleep.

No two people use sound the same way. Classical music motivates some in the same way that metal motivates others; I might listen to RnB while I’m out running while you might listen to murder podcasts, or the news. There are happy people who will listen to sad music; serious people who listen to 90s eurodance - 20-year olds listening to 60s stand-up comedy.

At RHA we make headphones that you can use for everything you’re doing: working, moving, chilling, sweating; and everything you listen to - from dodgy playlists to shouty podcasts; following directions to the airport, to calling your family.

So however you’re using your audio; to grow, to learn, to escape, to connect - we hear you. After all, everything we make, we design, test and use ourselves.

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